Monday, 2 May 2016

Signing up for Me Made May 2016

Various factors have conspired against me joining in with Me Made May of the last two years, but I'm  committing again this year- yay!

I have a lot of handmade clothes in my wardrobe now- between sampling for work and sewing for pleasure, I usually do wear at least one me-made a day.  My first thought was to challenge myself to wear all me-made all the time.  But I have made things like cardigans and leggings or jeans, which would either mean wearing all my dresses on rotation for the whole  month (and getting chilly!) or making things to wear in May, which is against the rules.

For those who don't know, or are new to 'So, Zo...'s Me Made May Challenge, the idea is not that you sew specifically for the challenge, but to make more use of the clothes you have already made and maybe evaluate the gaps in your wardrobe, if you want to.  Definitely, NO PANIC-SEWING NECESSARY OR CONDONED!!  This is not a competition.

So, I took it to the ladies at work and asked them how I should challenge myself, and they came up with my personal challenge.  I endeavour to wear full outfits of me-made clothes twice a week for the duration of May.

I'll be posting my daily outfits on Instagram (@freyamaymakes) and do a round up of the month at the end of May.

And, just to specify, this doesn't include underwear, but does include outerwear- I gotta wear my new coat more!  Unless it's too warm, then, well, we'll see.

Anyone else joining in??

Monday, 25 April 2016

A Sweet Vintage Fifi Set

I've now made a few sets of Tilly and the Buttons Fifi pattern- for the window at work, for my sisters Christmas present, and now for me- and I'm still in love with it!

This time, for me, I've finally found a use for the vintage sheets I've been storing away for ages.  I originally picked them up to make sundresses from, but I think that would be a little too twee for me. You know I'm not opposed to some twee in my wardrobe, but I couldn't picture myself wearing this fabric as a dress.

I cut size 5 for the top and 4 for the bottoms, and managed to get both pieces cut from an irregular piece of fabric.  I love how little fabric you need to make this set.  I'm currently in the middle of making a set of the Closet Case Patterns Carolyn pjs, which have taken up over 5m of narrow fabric! Obviously the coverage offered by the garments differs wildly too.

I used my overlocker to make a narrow rolled hem to finish off the shorts and hem, setting it to create the lettuce leaf finish you can see.  I hate turning tiny hems, so this was a bit of a cheat on a garment where the finish wasn't super important.

I need to shorten the straps by another inch or two though, they have twisted around my torso in the night when I wore them, waking me up and generally being a uncomfortable.  That's an easy fix though.  

The little shorts and vest top pjs are so cute, I'm looking forward to the warmer months so I can wear them all the time. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Dimond in the Rough

This is another 'catch up post' of something I made pre-christmas- a fun party skirt using my go to pattern from Alison Smith's DK book called, simply, 'Dressmaking'.  Its a simple a-line skirt with darts, a waist band and side zip.  I've made it countless times.

The fabric is some we bought in at work in November, we had this diamond version and a scalloped version- both of which are reversible!  Its a nice, bottom weight stretch polyester fabric, perfect for skirts, trousers or dresses.  Despite it's stretch, it was pretty stable and easy to work with.

I wore this skirt to my Christmas party, and a few times since- it may have made it's way in to my everyday wardrobe too.  Its super comfortable, and easy to wear.  My go to is to pair it with a black top and a cardigan.

That's all there is to say about this pattern I've used before, but it's nice to make contemporary clothes along side the pretty frocks I love so much.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Blogger's Meet Up With Sew Essential


Hope you all had a lovely weekend- mine was filled with a fun country walk, visiting our friends in the Peak District on Saturday, and going to a bloggers meet up on Sunday with my ladies from Crafty Sew & So.  

I was so glad that there was a meet up local to me! I've been down to London before, and there is Sew Brum, but because I'm working in retail I can't usually take time off on a Saturday, plus a train ticket to London is usually £50!

It's great to meet other people who sew and think it's a perfectly normal thing to spend your time doing.  And, who you can talk sewing and dressmaking to without having to explain where all these random girls names come from!

This meet up was organised by Lucy, who writes the blog for sew an online emporium of sewing goodies, Kat who blogs at, and Samantha, from Crafternoon Tea Hostess.  

We met in the upstairs of the warehouse, which was set up to display the range of sewing machines and for tea and pastries- they'd picked up some gluten free biscuits for me too!  After a wee mingle, we headed down stairs to the main warehouse and spent some time shopping.  

They had a great selection of  products and fabrics.  It was really inspiring, Sarah and I took a lot away to consider in the development of our business. 

I picked up the perfect crepe fabric for my next costume project- I'm planning on dressing up as Agent Carter from the Marvel Universe to Leicester Comic Con, which involves wearing a beautiful blue 1940's dress- yay!

After shopping and noising about, we headed back up stairs for a quick craft session.  We each received a goodie bag, which included a hoop and needle, then Kat and Samantha opened up their boxes of scrap fabrics and we dove in.  

The best thing about crafting in groups is seeing the verity that come out of it- everyone was given the exact same resources and everyone made something different! These three are mine, Sarah's and Bekki's. 

The last stop of the day was in a sweet little cafe by a fishing lake.  They put on afternoon tea for us (again with a gluten free option) and this is where we really sat down to chew the fat.  

I had such a fun day, and I can't wait to go to Birmingham later this month for another meet up to go for dinner, this time organised by Charlotte at English Girl at Home.  Sarah and I are getting the train, should any Leicester folk want to join us.

I'd love to run a meet up in Leicester at some point if people are interested- we're happy to host at Crafty, and I'd love to meet more awesome sewers!  There is also a monthly group called Sew Sociable, which Sarah is involved with, I'm going to start going to that too.

"New Girl" Pillow Case Tutorial at the Crafty Sew & So Blog


I've published a tutorial over on my work blog for Jessica Day's pillow cases, from 'New Girl'.  I've been obsessed with Jess's style for ages and I am so happy to have these new cushions on my bed.  Head over there to see how to make them yourself!

Monday, 4 April 2016

Fabric is the Best Souvenir


I'm in a super chipper mood- for the first time this year, Spring feels like it's actually, well, sprung! Woo hoo! It brings such joy to my winter hating, summer lovin' soul.  

I'm harking back to last summer with this blog post- sharing another thing I made with my souvenir fabric picked up in the USA.  To avoid driving my husband to madness, I only made on fabric shop stop on the trip, in Chicago.  It was this rather random little place, stuffed to the rafters with rolls and bolts, and bits and pieces not exactly standard issue in fabric shops- at least not on this side of the atlantic.

Do I need a Old Man Doll head? I think I might, just in case...

As well as the sleepy snoopy fabric which I've since made in to pyjamas, I found this awesome light cotton twill-

It begged to be made into kitchen stuff- so a quick and simple apron pattern later, and I've the perfect apron to make our Sunday morning pancakes in.  You know, if I ever remembered to wear it, anyway.

And, of course, a matching oven glove! 

It's lovely having these mementos of our holiday hanging around the house, and it was nice to have them as a post holiday activity too.  
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