Monday, 18 May 2015

Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady (Skater Dress)

Hey everyone, what lovely weather we're having in the UK at the morning- not! Ugh, I just want a day of sunshine to corespond with my day off work. Is that too much to ask!  I hope the weathers better with you, wherever you are.  I've three weeks to my sunny Spain holiday with my sister to look forward to, and I can not wait! Ugh, England, sort it out! 

Today I'm sharing three lady skater dresses that I've made over the last couple of months.  With simple makes, like these and the tshirts I blogged about last month, I like to make a few up before I blog them.  I think there isn't a lot to say about each one, so I'm going with a wee collective post of the three I've made so far.

The first one is my least favourite- it's made from a ribbed, mid weight jersey from my local market.  While the fabric choice is alright, I'm less fond of the print and colour I chose.  The pale beige if a little wishy washy.  Plus, I didn't make any changes to the bodice so this one doesn't fit me quite right.  

My second lady skater was made from a much lighter jersey from eBay.  I shortened the bodice by an inch and a half, and the skirt by three inches.  I like this dress a lot!

And, finally,  a lovely bright dress!  This one I'm also super pleased with.  I picked up this fabric from the NEC Fashion and Stitching show that I went to back in March.  It's also a light weight jersey, and my vision for it was for a comfy dress, perfect for my summer holiday travels.  Now I've got the fit right, I've got the my perfect skater dress in a fabulous fabric!

I highly recommend this pattern for people new to sewing with knits (like me!) because it comes with such usefully detailed instructions.  It's the right level of hand holding to build your confidence, and I'll tell you that by the third time I made this, I was confident enough not to need the detailed instructions.  

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