Monday, 6 March 2017

March Sewing Plans

My baby bump has gotten to the point were I can't get away with wearing any of non-maternity clothes now, so I'm having to do some quick emergency sewing to keep myself dressed for the next three months!

There is very little affordable, stylish maternity wear on avalible on the high street, so I am really glad that I can sew.  Now more than ever I have the chance to be in control of my wardrobe and not be stuck with the limited offerings avalible.

Lucky for me, I happen to know a great little haberdashery *wink* and I have a very lovely husband who paid up for some new fabrics.   So, here are my plans for the next month- some of which I've made a start on already!

Simplicity 1469 (OOP) or Megan Nielson's Amber dress and top
As one of the limited maternity patterns avalible, I am planning on making a few of these.  This pattern comes with dress or top options, both of which I plan on making as they include nursing access.  I have had this blue paisley in my stash for at least two years- and originally planned on making a Sew Over It Wrap Dress with it.  It's a cotton elastane single jersey from Leicester market, probably around £4/m, and I had plenty to sew the dress version instead.  

I also think top versions of this pattern will be super useful- so I've picked up two 100% cotton interlocks from Crafty and will make simple tops for the spring/summer.

Waterfall Blouse by Make It Perfect
I have made three of these already, but don't think they will fit me for much longer- there is maybe 2-3" of ease in the waist now, and bump has another 10 weeks of growing to do.  I'm planning on adding another 2" of ease at the front and 2" of length to the centre front on two more versions to keep me going for a bit longer.  I'm going to make two more tops using fabrics avalible from Crafty Sew & So, the one on the left is a cotton poplin with a small floral print and the on on the left is a cream polyester crepe with a subtle black pattern on it.  I think they'll both do me nicely into the spring too.

I'm also expecting that all the Waterfall Blouses I'm making will have enough ease in them to be able to use for nursing.  If I don't feel they're too maternity-ish for me after I'm no longer pregnant.

Moneta by Colette
And lastly I plan on making one more straight maternity Moneta.  The fabric for my next Moneta is also from work, its a viscose jersey, which will let the gathers of the Moneta hang beautifully softly.
I'm making the collared version, with short sleeves and shortening the bodice to make it empire line.

So, that is six projects to crack on with, all of them pretty simple so I hope I can get them done quickly and then get a lot of wear out of them before baby makes an appearance.  If I get these done. I have a couple more things I'd like to make as maternity clothes, but I will move on to nursing and baby wear soon!

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